Rumour Elizabeth quits MAFS before the final vows.

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Speaking to A.B and Ben on Hit 105.5’s Coff’s Coast Connie hinted producers may have had a hand in her decisions.

“At the end of the day, it’s a TV show and there are storylines. Producers like to do whatever they can to execute that storyline.

“No one held a gun to my head and I was the one who put that pen to the paper and wrote ‘stay’. I take full ownership that I was the one who wrote it,” she said.

Jonny had made it clear he wasn’t into their relationship, so why did she keep choosing to stay?

“Everyone has been saying like, ‘WTF, why did she do that?

“I think if everyone is a little bit patient and just waits until the final vows, the storyline kind of plays out and it’s like, oh, we get it now,” she explained.

Connie confirmed the pair didn’t end on good terms, slamming her (fake) (ex?) husband for choosing a paid club promotion over her birthday…

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