Scott Morrison’s press conference March 30: Job Seeker payment.

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On Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was joined by the treasurer Josh Frydenberg to announce unprecedented measures to help Australia cope with the economic crisis that has unfolded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Australian Prime Minister announced a ‘job keeper’ payment of up to $1500 per fortnight, in what will see the government pay employers to pay their employees.

This will ensure Australians can keep their jobs even if the work cannot continue due to the coronavirus crisis, the Prime Minister said.

“We want to keep the economy running through this crisis, it may run in idle for some time, but it must run,” Scott Morrison said during the press conference.

“Our JobKeeper plan sees every Australian worker the same way, no matter what you earn. There is not more support for some as there is for others,” Morrison added, emphasising everyone will be paid…

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