Senate Passes the Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill, Including Paid Sick Leave and Free COVID-19 Testing – Ms. Magazine

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On Wednesday, the Senate passed legislation that will provide paid sick and family leave for many Americans, as well as free coronavirus testing and strengthened unemployment insurance.

In a rare showing of bipartisanship, the bill, known as the “Families First Act,” passed 90-8. It now heads to President Trump’s desk, who expressed support for the bill and is likely to sign.

Features of the bill include:

  • free testing for those showing symptoms of the coronavirus, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath;
  • expanded unemployment insurance for those laid off by the economic effects of the virus;
  • two weeks of paid sick leave for quarantined workers or parents of kids whose schools are shuttered as a result of the epidemic, and, if needed, 12 weeks of paid leave on top of that, with the goal of helping workers recover or care for other sick relatives; and
  • an…

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