Set Yourself Up For a Better Week With Your Night Routine

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Morning routines get all the hype these days. Morning meditations and a cup of coffee are often thought of as the secrets to success, celebrities and wellness enthusiasts consistently share how they spend the first couple hours of their day, and we even created a Morning Routine Challenge over four years ago. But what about the last few hours of the day? I’d like to get justice for nighttime routines, as they’re equally important for the success of your day. 

What does your current nighttime routine look like? Do you take an hour-long Epsom salt bath and meditate while jade rolling before consulting your shamanic medicine practitioner about which adaptogen blend is best for your current energy state? Or does your nighttime routine more resemble downing a box of Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese (the best kind. You can @ me on it) while bingeing Love is…

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