Social distancing penalties in each state.

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This week, Australian states and territories have introduced extraordinary measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced a ‘two-person public gathering limit‘ and warned Australians that states and territories will make this an enforceable limit.

Watch: Scott Morrison announces all Australians must stay home. Post continues after video. 

The exact details of the new restriction were a little unclear – you can see our full explainer on what the limit means, here. But what happens when you break the rule? There are different penalties depending on the state or territory you live in.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what the penalty is for breaking the self-isolation rule.

New South Wales

On Monday night, New South Wales introduced extreme new laws under the Public Health Act 2010.

As of Tuesday, March 31, any person in NSW may be…

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