Social distancing rules Australia: 98 percent following them.

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Five domestic and two international flights arrived yesterday, however, and bring with them the biggest threat to WA.

A second plane load of Australians will land in Adelaide today to start their two weeks in quarantine in South Australia which has also recorded no new infections – for a third day.

On Monday, 374 arrived from Chennai in India. The group today are coming from Mumbai.

The survey also found 88 per cent of people were avoiding public spaces and public events, and about 87 per cent had cancelled personal gatherings altogether.

Lifeline received 90,000 calls in March.

Lifeline has never experienced demand like this in its 57 year history.

March was its busiest month ever, and Good Friday was its busiest day ever, with 3,200 calls on the first day of the Easter long weekend alone.

“These are extraordinary numbers and it demonstrates the stress on people’s mental health that we’re…

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