Stan TV series Bloom and why it’s Australia’s most compelling drama.

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Just a note that this article contains mild spoilers for season one of Bloom, which you can watch right now on Stan.

You can tell there’s a little bit of extra magic to a series when it compels one of Australia’s leading actresses to chase down a role on it.

That’s exactly what Jacqueline McKenzie, who is known for her film roles in Palm Beach and The Water Diviner and as a series lead in the Stan Original Series Romper Stomper, did after devouring the Logie Award-winning Stan Original Series Bloom.

“When I saw the first season of Bloom I loved it immediately,” Jacqueline told Mamamia from the Bloom set in Melbourne. “So I rang my agent and said ‘is season two happening? I want to do it’, and he just said ‘oh darling, they haven’t even announced it yet, they haven’t written a script or anything.’

“But I said ‘I just want to do it! You must keep track of…

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