Stripping in uni was the best decision I ever made. Here’s why.

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“Not all the girls in there are those things — but they don’t know how to keep customers long-term. Sure, some girls have bigger boobs, bigger butts, and long blonde hair. But if they’re not smart like you, they’ll always have to work harder, and their customers will never stick around for long. Beauty and sexuality, while this industry lives on it, is important. But being able to connect with a customer is, and always will be, more important.”

And even after hearing that, I’d always reject their advice. There’s no way I could be sexy in front of strangers in a room full of hungry, horny, men.

There’s no way.

But I had no idea just how good I would be at it.

The day I auditioned, I sat in the parking lot of the club, with my Victoria’s Secret duffle bag on the passenger seat of my car, asking myself, “What are you doing here? You should get a job at a family…

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