Summer 2020’s Best Sunglasses Trends

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If you had to rank all of your accessories—shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses—by which has the power to change the feel of an outfit most, the answer would hands-down, no question, be sunglasses.

A pair of sunglasses has the power to transform the entire essence of what you’re wearing in a matter of milliseconds. Think about it: you’re wearing a flowy, white midi dress, and you add a pair of oversized, square sunglasses to top it off. How different does that feel compared to the black, cat-eyed ones you almost chose? If you ask me, a lot. 

While some sunglass styles are timeless closet staples, trendier versions come and go with the seasons—and with inexpensive options, they’re the best accessory to invest in if you want to upgrade your closet for the summer months. No matter your face shape or budget, these are the best sunglasses to wear this summer—no teeny-tiny wirey…

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