Support for the Feminist Movement is Growing (March 24, 1972) – Ms. Magazine

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March 24, 1972: According to a poll released today, American women are becoming much more supportive of the feminist movement and its goals, though many still remain skeptical.

Just a year ago, women who were surveyed for the Virginia Slims Women’s Opinion Poll by Louis Harris and Associates opposed efforts “to strengthen and change women’s status in society today” by 42% to 40%. But in this year’s survey, Harris found support had increased dramatically, with 48% in favor and just 36% opposed.

Though the women’s rights groups responsible for this changing of consciousness are not yet supported by a majority of women, opposition has decreased significantly. Last year 51% thought “few or none of these organizations” were helpful, while 34% thought they were. This year, 43% found them useful and 44% did not, with the 1% gap well within the poll’s margin…

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