Surge of people betting on tonight’s £80,000 Mini Lotto

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It’s been revealed why more people are placing a bet on tonight’s Mini Lotto which has an £80,000 jackpot.

Thanks to a special promo from Lottoland, people can now get two bets for only 50p*.

The aim of Mini Lotto is to pick five numbers from 1-42.

Getting all five correct pays out the top prize of £80,000 while lower-tier payouts could be won if the jackpot isn’t hit.

And now with Lottoland, it costs 50p* to get two bets on tonight’s £80,000 Mini Lotto!

Naturally, this has caused a rush of new customers to sign-up to Lottoland today.

It’s important to appreciate the little things in life — that’s what makes Mini Lotto one of the most loved jackpot events on Lottoland.

Considering lottery jackpots usually run into the millions, an £80,000 prize might not seem like a lot.

But Mini Lotto isn’t a typical lottery game.

There’s a…

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