Texas’s Opportunistic Abortion Ban Puts Women’s Lives at Risk

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The legality of abortion in Texas has been in constant limbo, changing at least five times in two weeks. Pictured: SB5 (Abortion Bill) Protest at the Texas State Capitol, June 2013. (Do512)

I was midway through my volunteer shift for a Texas abortion fund hotline when the Texas attorney general banned abortions.  

I realized something was amiss when I spoke to a college student who had called our hotline that morning, March 23, seeking funding for her procedure.  

By the time I reached her that afternoon, the clinic where her appointment was scheduled for March 25 had been shut down until April 21. 

“They closed because of coronavirus,” the young woman told me.  

In actuality, abortion clinics around the state closed because Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, decided that nearly all abortions are medically unnecessary and could be…

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