The 10 Most Comfortable Bras to Wear

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If there’s one article of clothing I like to have on while I’m working from home, it’s some form of a bra. I’m all for ripping my bra off the second I get home from work and freeboobing it on the weekends, but even if I’m wearing a T-shirt and leggings on my WFH days, I like knowing I can walk my dog around the block or grab my mail without scaring any innocent bystanders (or scandalizing my sweet old neighbor).

But don’t get me wrong: not all work-from-home bras are created equal. Anything with “push up” in the name has no business here, nor do straps that are going to dig into your shoulders and give you indents by noon. Instead, we’re looking for key words like “wireless,” “cotton,” and “comfort.”

These are hands-down the most comfortable bras on the market, and they’re perfect for living in day in and day out—here, there’s no underwire in…

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