The 10 things parent’s aren’t doing.

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The children know to never interrupt a work call. They know that shouting, fighting or harming each other when Mummy is in a meeting or Daddy is writing emails wouldn’t be working towards the goal of maximising the opportunity presented by a global pandemic. They just sit quietly on the educational devices that they can absolutely operate on their own. They never sneakily watch YouTube or start sending poo emojis to their friends because that wouldn’t be helpful to our family’s progress in a difficult moment.

The instructions from my children’s school are so clear and concise and easy to follow that no-one needs to read them 25 times to be able to understand what we’re meant to be doing today. My partner and I know how to deliver all “deliverables”, and the way that kids do long subtraction these days is exactly the way I did it at school so I don’t need any time to…

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