The 11 Best Netflix Comedies to Watch This Month

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“What a year 2020 has been!” — me, in the middle of March.

I don’t know about you guys, but the start of this year has proven to be quite the whirlwind. Meeting work deadlines, staying true to my resolutions (being more physically active), staying on top of my budget, attempting to have a social life, and participating in meal prepping take up a lot of my energy. I’m not complaining—I enjoy being busy and know that I’m on a path to be a better me but, damn, I’m exhausted. In the month of March, I’m working towards carving out more time to intentionally rest, reflect, and recharge. For me, recharging happens under an umbrella of laughter—towards myself, with my friends, and in the comfort of my own bed with my faux Netflix friends. 

Over the last month, I’ve impressively (and perhaps concerningly) watched 30+ comedies on Netflix that ranged from knee-slapping…

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