The $20 Best and Less jeans so comfy, you can wear them at home.

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It’s common knowledge there are two types of people in this world: those who wear jeans at home and those who 100 per cent do not.

Traditionally, jeans aren’t the ‘comfiest’ of clothing items. Sure, they make your butt look great, but right now, our butts are spending most of their time sat on the couch or at a working from home desk, and they don’t care to be squished.

Working from home fashion ideally needs to be comfortable and soft, but not too comfy that it blurs the line between being at work and chilling in your pyjamas.

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Now, there’s a pair of jeans that sit right in the middle – the Best & Less Women’s High Rise Soft Touch Jeans and Women’s Plus High Rise Soft Touch Jeans.

These jeans first launched last winter, but they’re back a bit early this…

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