The 20 Best Dresses to Buy This Spring

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When I was little, every single morning, my mom couldn’t get me to wear anything but dresses. If she tried to force me into anything but a dress while I was getting ready for school, I’d resort to tears and a tantrum and pouting until I was back into my preferred clothing of choice.

Why all the theatrics? Easy. I hated pants.

Even now, two decades later, my sentiments remain the same. Pants? Bad. Dresses? Good. Why pick out multiple pieces of clothing to pair together when you could choose one that’s a whole outfit in itself?

Luckily for us, it’s the end of March, which means that dress season is, in fact, upon us. Yes, it also means we have to tend to our legs, which we’ve been ignoring since the first leaf fell in September—or not if that’s not your thing—but with that comes the opportunity to take a break from jeans and feel breezy in spring’s best dresses.


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