The 2020 Best of Baby Winner for Top Sound Machine

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Two words: white noise. It’s a new parent’s best friend, and for good reason. It reminds babies of the womb, where everything was loud and in constant motion. Shhhhhhhh sounds will help, but even the most patient parents can get tired of sushing, especially, say, at 2 a.m. A white noise machine can calm a fussy baby or signal bedtime, helping soothe and transition your little one to this new world. The Hushh portable sound machine packs a punch with surprisingly loud sound in a super-compact device. It also has a long battery life, making it great for car rides or trips to Grandma’s house.

• This small but powerful machine cancels out bothersome noises with its signature ambient sound of rushing air; three modes (bright white noise, deep white noise or gentle surf) will calm baby or lull them to sleep, and you can control the volume from whisper-soft to very loud

• The…

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