The 3 Types of Negative Mindsets We Are All Guilty of

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Negativity is an unavoidable aspect of life because, let’s face it: life isn’t perfect, and it never will be. With so much going on in the world, there has been a surplus of negativity lately, and many of us get caught in the loop without realizing it. So on top of being super tired of being stuck in the house from COVID-19 restrictions, all the negativity we are consuming may


  • Damage your health
  • Increase anxiety & depression
  • Affect relationships
  • Change your mood 

But we can’t allow this way of thinking to control our lives, because if we do, we will never be able to become the boss we’re meant to be. There are three types of negative mindsets that like to slide under the radar, but we can overcome them with some effort and willingness to change. We have to be able to identify the patterns and actively work toward changing it—not just for ourselves, but for the world…

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