The Art of Equal Pay: The Campaign to Close the Wage Gap in the Visual Arts—With a Coronavirus Relief Spin

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In the midst of the novel COVID-19 virus, many people are showing their support for those who have been impacted by the virus—including artist Michele Pred, who has created art revolving around equal pay for the last five years. 

A long-time advocate for women’s rights, including equal pay, Pred plans to use her year-long “Art of Equal Pay” campaign to help raise funds to support COVID-19 relief efforts.  

“The Art of Equal Pay: The Campaign to Close the Wage Gap in the Visual Arts” is Pred’s year-long initiative—launching on Equal Pay Day, March 31—calling for women artists to raise their prices over the next year to close the gender wage gap for visual artists. 

Although originally set as a one-day activation, Pred reorganized the project to allow financially-challenged artists opportunities to give back…

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