The Best At-Home Candy Machines to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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From vintage-inspired gumball dispensers to cool gadgets so you can DIY a favorite treat, here’s how to choose the right candy machine for your home.

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Candy just makes everything better. There’s nothing like enjoying a treat that takes you back to childhood (and introducing your own kids to it) or indulging in a craving by making it yourself. Here are some fun ideas for serving or creating the confections that are sure to bring you—and your guests—a little sweetness!

Grab and Go Fun

Bundaloo Big Rig Claw Machine Arcade Game - Miniature Candy Grabber for Kids - Electronic Prize Mini Toys Dispenser Playset with Sound - Cool & Fun Battery-Operated Party Game Surprise for Children

This machine plays music to build excitement as you try to grab your candy.

What is more satisfying than those classic claw machines from the arcade? The thrill of grabbing your prize and watching it be lifted up never gets old. So why not replicate that fun at home with a tabletop version? Fill it up with the wrapped…

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