The Best Baby, Toddler and Kids’ Wagons

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Kids’ wagons have stood the test of time for a reason: They make life more fun for little ones, and in turn easier for their parents. Why do kiddos love getting tugged around in these beloved four-wheelers? It’s anybody’s guess—but if you owned your own children’s wagon growing up, you probably still remember the rush. Here, learn all about the types of kids’ wagons being sold today, plus all the reasons why you should consider buying one for your family.

Benefits of Kids’ Wagons

Sure, kids’ wagons can be downright adorable, but that’s just one of the many, many draws. Here, a list of the other main perks:

Durability: Children’s wagons have a boxy, weighted shape that can roll over all sorts of ground with ease. The most advanced models can handle everything from the rocky dirt in your backyard to shelly sand at the beach. The tires of a kids’ wagon will…

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