The Best Birthday Gifts to Send Your Aries/Taurus Friends

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I’m going to begin with a personal anecdote:

My birthday is July 2. This means that it falls on one of the most popular weekends of the year to flee town: The 4th of July. Every single year, I receive strings of texts from my friends about how they won’t be able to do anything on my birthday, but would love to do something before or after. It’s brought me a ridiculous amount of baggage. It is a part of my identity, and I resent all of my friends with an easily celebrated birthday where all of their friends are present and in town and able to go to their favorite bar and eat at their favorite restaurant. I dread trying to make birthday plans every year.

Your friends with birthdays that fall within the upcoming weeks are about to experience the same thing: their birthday will come and go, and nobody will be able to celebrate. Don’t allow them to get baggage about it—hell, if…

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