The Best Hair Dryer for Those Who Like to Look Good Fast

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From a budget-friendly hair dryer that you can count on to a salon-worthy and luxurious pick, here’s how to choose a blow dryer that’s perfect for your hair type.

Even though this hair dryer is pricier than a drugstore buy, the higher cost gets you more heat/speed settings—six to be exact; more-affordable hair dryers tend to offer just two. More choices matter—super-fine hair requires lower temps to avoid burning while coarser hair benefits from a higher heat setting, but the highest one could dry out strands. Other perks: the titanium material means it’s lightweight (just 1.8 pounds), maintains a steady temperature and helps hair dry faster, silkier and less frizzy than ceramic hair dryers. It also has a cool shot button for setting hair, a removable filter for easy cleaning and a concentrator nozzle.

This budget-friendly hair dryer boasts a trio of technologies that’s meant to…

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