The Best Ice Cream for Cravings, American Pregnancy Association Says

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While the jury is still out on why pregnancy cravings can happen, most pregnant women will tell you they’re no joke. One food item that the American Pregnancy Association (APA) says is often on the top of the craving list? Ice cream. While delicious, ice cream may not consist of the best nutritional profile for pregnancy. Luckily, now the APA is crowning one brand as the best, most nutritious ice cream on the market for expectant women.

Nightfood, Inc. is an ice cream company that was developed with nighttime snacking in mind. Formulated by sleep experts (including the famed Sleep Doctor), it boasts less sugar, fat and calories; more protein and fiber; and added minerals, digestive enzymes and amino acids. Plus, it comes in eight flavors, including Midnight Chocolate, After Dinner Mint Chip, Cold Brew Decaf and Cookies N’ Dreams.

“Over 130,000 visitors daily turn to the APA…

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