The Best, Most Easy Recipe That Ever Existed

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Is there anything more Australian than a cup of tea and a home-baked ANZAC biccie?

Sent by wives to soldiers abroad because they’d last the distance and not spoil easily, these oaty biscuits were a little taste of home. Today, they’re found waning on the supermarket shelves, playing second fiddle to the Tims and the Tams of the world, sitting somewhere between your Milk Arrowroot and your Iced VoVo, which this weekend, is where they shall stay.

Because YOU, dear reader, are resourceful. And this ANZAC day, you are going to make your own. And not just any old ANZAC biscuits, but using the best recipe for ANZAC biscuits that ever existed.

You won’t find a more Australian biscuit. It should be a rite of passage to learn how to make these globules of goodness.

I’m not a professional baker by any stretch but I’ve baked hundreds upon hundreds of these and won the Blue Ribbon…

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