The best pore minimiser and facts on clogged, large pores.

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Why do pores look bigger in some areas of the face than others?

By ‘some areas’, we’re of course talking about the nose and chin. Bastards.

“As a general rule, bigger pores in certain areas of your face are likely clogged for some reason. Many people find their pores might be enlarged on their nose or chin, which can often be linked back to our cleansing habits (how well do you exfoliate your nose?) and also hormones (issues in the chin area is often a sign of hormone imbalances).”

Why do some people have small pores and others, big pores?

Perhaps the most puzzling question of all… why do my pores look like saggy craters when others have uniform glass skin? Genetics. And age.

“The size of your pores is mostly due to your genetics and age, which unfortunately isn’t something we can control. When it comes to our genetics, people who have inherited oily skin will likely have larger…

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