The Best T-Shirts to Have in Your Closet

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T-shirts are the most basic of the basics, the most effortless pieces in a closet—so they should be easy to shop for, right? Wrong.

Finding a good T-shirt is akin to finding a needle in a haystack—it needs to fit you just right, not shrink down to half its size the first time you wash it, be super-soft, and be durable enough that you don’t need to buy a new one after every fifth wear. With all the criteria most don’t meet, you could go your entire life without finding the perfect one—and for such a vital piece of clothing, that’s unacceptable.

Through our editors endless tests and all the Internet research we could do, we’ve found the best choice for every kind of T-shirt, in every cut and shape and neckline you could dream of. The search is over—these are the T-shirts you’ve been dreaming of.


The crewneck

The white crewneck is both the most classic T-shirt form…

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