The biggest MasterChef Australia feuds in the show’s history.

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Preston said celebrity guests – including high profile chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, and even Prince Charles and the Dalai Lama – appeared on the show because the show was about cooking rather than drama.

“They like the fact contestants aren’t there to be targets for barbs,” he said. “They’re there to be respected and to be celebrated and pushed forward, which is the great joy of the show.”

Years earlier MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan had called MKR “a blatant rip-off”.

“The set looks similar to ours and the phrases are the same,” he told TV Week.

Colin Fassnidge vs Matt Preston.

According to MKR‘s Colin Fassnidge, his long-standing feud with Matt Preston started over a late night meal.

“Preston is dicing these carrots, it’s taken him about half an hour and he’s starting to fry them and I’m over asking ‘Are you happy with this? Does the sauce taste alright? Are you sure? Are…

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