The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends of 2020

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PSA: I love love. When I see a giggling couple walking the street holding hands, my heart skips a beat. When I sit adjacent to an elderly couple enjoying breakfast at a local diner, I may or may not shed a small tear. When I watch a bride walk down the aisle and I turn back to catch a glimpse of a groom’s eager face, I feel so much secondhand happiness that I might actually combust. It’s no surprise that as a hopeless romantic, I love weddings. 

This wedding season, I look forward to tasting delicious appetizers, taking home creative party favors, leaving my mark on dance floors across the country with my sick dance moves, and drooling over trendy bridal couture that will make me want to sign up for Love Is Blind and get this show on the road.

And who better to give us a peek at the bridal fashion we’ll be seeing this upcoming season than Cathleen Holloway, owner of Holloway…

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