The Children are Watching and Learning. Let’s Govern Like We Care.

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I am struggling to talk about accountability with my son while explaining what is happening in our country right now. How do I look at his beautiful Brown face and tell him that things will be okay?

“Will those in power continue to ask people of color to swallow and deny our pain, making it near impossible to look our children in the eyes and tell them that white supremacy does not belong in America?” (UN Human Rights @UNHumanRights / Twitter)

Actions have consequences.

This foundational tenet is one parents strive to teach their children in hopes that they grow up to be responsible, caring adults. The last four years of the Trump presidency—along with the politicians who have enabled him—have made it increasingly difficult for me to impart this to my son. 

The legacy of Trump’s presidency is ripe with racism and xenophobia. Black and Brown children…

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