The day he found Pitt with his ex-wife Robin Givens.

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If there’s one thing we ordinary people would never expect to happen to us, it’s catching our on-again-off-again partner with… Brad Pitt.

But Mike Tyson is no ordinary person and in 1989 that is exactly what happened to him.

At the time, Tyson was in the middle of getting a divorce after a tumultuous one-year marriage to actress Robin Givens.

Side note: Here’s what celebs are up to in isolation. Post continues below video.

Despite the divorce, Tyson said he and Givens would occasionally meet up for “quickies”… until Pitt (who at the time was less ‘leading man’ and more ‘stoned surfer-boy’) arrived on the scene after meeting Givens on the set of her TV show Head of the Class.

In his memoir Undisputed Truth, the former world heavyweight champion recalled the day he discovered Givens with Pitt in her car after visiting her house for a “quickie” before going to see…

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