The debate that has unfolded about free childcare ending.

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The consequence of families withdrawing their children from centres could once again be disastrous for the sector.

Georgie Dent, part of advocacy group The Parenthood, says the government’s decision is “premature” and makes “the assumption that the economy is going to be back to normal in four weeks time”.

Watch: A clinical and health psychologist helps break down how you can help your children if they’re experiencing anxiety during the pandemic. Post continues after video. 

At the moment, childcare attendance has returned to 74 per cent of pre-crisis levels.

But as Dent shares, “If even 10 per cent of families take their kids out, it is no longer financially viable for services to keep their doors open. If occupancy rates fell to 64 per cent, for example, that’s below break-even point and services will not be able to function.”

On top of this, those parents who do choose…

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