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March 21, 1938: There is jubilation today among Equal Rights Amendment supporters, because after an almost 15-year struggle, the E.R.A. has been reported to a branch of Congress for the first time.

PHOTO: Susan B. Anthony’s nephew, Representative Daniel Read Anthony (8/22/1870 – 8/4/1929), a Republican of Kansas, who served in Congress from May 23, 1907 – March 3, 1929, and was an original sponsor of the E.R.A. in 1923.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 9-9—a tie being sufficient—to report Senate Joint Resolution 65 to the full Senate for action.

Written by Alice Paul, the E.R.A. was first introduced into the Senate as S.J.R. 21 on December 10, 1923, and the House as H.J.R. 75 three days later.

It was sponsored by two Kansas Republicans: Representative Daniel Read Anthony—a nephew of Susan B. Anthony—and Senator Charles Curtis. It has been the…

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