The final vows spell the end of a marriage.

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Finally, he tells her, “I love you until I draw my last breath,” which might be romantic if Michael didn’t still seem convinced that this experiment is a competition and he and Stacey will get prize money if they win.

Next, it’s Stacey’s turn.

She says she was concerned when she heard Michael speak for the first time, which seems awfully judgemental but okay, and acknowledges her fairy tale fell apart when Michael was ‘accused’ of cheating on her.


It’s been like six weeks.

Everyone, including, it would seem, Michael, agrees that he cheated. Please drop the ‘accused’.

“That’s just how the law works.”

“I love you Michael,” she says, “and nothing will make me happier than leaving here hand in hand and going straight to your mansion with the home cinema and also the heated pool and I’ve already had the removalists grab my stuff and my boys and all our…

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