The Ms. Q&A: Comedian Liz Miele’s Stance on Cancel Culture, Feminism and Comedy

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Wokeness. Political correctness. Cancel culture. 

It’s rare to sit through a stand-up comedy show and not hear complaints that these things all threaten to sentence comics into silence.

From Shane Gillis to Dave Chapelle to Dina Hashem, numerous comedians have faced backlash for offending people with their jokes.

Some apologize when called out. Some blame the offended. Some hide. Some get exiled—a phenomenon so common that Macquarie Dictionary named “cancel culture” the word of 2019. 

As the number of comedy specials released skyrockets and outlets make visible efforts to center underrepresented voices, it’s time to consider the expectations we have of an art form that is meant to provoke and be edgy. What counts as going too far?

Liz Miele, who recently taped her first special due to come out this spring, has thoughts about this. She brings…

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