The Pros and Cons of Baby Circumcision

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Of the many things we do for our kids that are painful, baby circumcision—the surgical removal of a newborn boy’s foreskin—is one of the most controversial and vexing. How badly will it hurt him? How safe is circumcision? What are the long-term consequences? For some of us, the decision to circumcise our sons is easy. We do it for religious beliefs or because it’s what has always been done in our family. But for those of us wavering as we weigh the pros and cons of circumcision, including the risks, benefits and current cultural worth, it helps to be informed. Here’s all you need to know about baby circumcision, so you can make the choice that’s best for your family.

Newborn circumcision—a procedure that dates back to ancient Egypt—involves cutting away the skin from the tip of a baby’s penis shortly after birth. While getting rid of foreskin most likely had to do…

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