The Skincare Method Experts are Choosing Over Trends

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To say we live in a world of trends is an understatement. The amount of times I’ve typed “trends” into a Google search would alarm people. Here at The Everygirl, we usually fall somewhere in-between. We love adding trends to our wardrobes otherwise full of basics, adding a beauty trend to our everyday routines, and giving all those crazy workout trends a try amongst our usual regimens. But what about trends in the skincare world?

Skincare trends usually come in the form of ingredients, routines, and products. Hyaluronic acid, CBD-based skincare, using oils to moisturize—those ingredients took the skincare world by storm in 2019. As far as routines go, we all know of double-cleansing by now, and we have at least one friend who swears by her K-beauty 10-step skincare routine. And how could we forget about our skincare favorites—Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial to my personal…

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