The Spring Staple You Need, Based on Your Zodiac

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As we’re dreaming of what we might wear when life returns to normal (and maybe doing a bit of online shopping as well), we might start thinking about what exactly we can be shopping for. I know I’m already dreaming of the perfect outfit to wear for my first venture out the door into a post-social distancing world. What better time than now to start building up your wardrobe for spring and summer?

I’ve always enjoyed learning about the zodiac signs, but being isolated in my own home has given me even more time to deep dive into their meanings. I especially love finding out how your sign might affect your personal style. Each of the 12 signs is so different, yet we’re all doing the same things—like getting dressed in the morning—just in our own ways. With spring trends, for example, each of the signs might feel especially drawn to a specific one, based on personality…

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