The TED Elizabeth Gilbert video that’ll make you feel less anxious.

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“The first is, there is no species on Earth more anxious than humans. It’s a hallmark of our species because we have the ability/curse to imagine a future. Also, once you’ve lived on Earth for a little while, you have the experience to recognise a terrifying piece of information: literally anything can happen at literally any moment to literally any person.”

Essentially, our own rich imaginations that make us so creative also have the power to conjure up all sorts of scary things, one of which, being the pandemic, is actually happening. The paradox is: humans are also the most capable, resourceful and resilient species on the planet.

Gilbert adds, “History has shown that when change comes to humanity on a global level, or a personal level, we’re really good at it. We’re really good at adaptation and I think if we remember that, it can help to mitigate any fear.”


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