The true story of the Long Island serial killer behind Netflix’s The Lost Girls.

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So who was the killer? Clearly someone with a sadistic streak.

Days after Melissa Barthelemy had disappeared, on July 12, 2009, her younger sister Amanda had received a call from her mobile. It wasn’t from Melissa, but from a man who was tormenting Melissa. There were more calls, with the final one received on August 27.

“The last call he said he had killed her,” Barthelemy’s mother Lynn tells People.

Meanwhile, a friend of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Sara Karnes, had received a similarly disturbing call just after her disappearance in 2007. It was from a man who “spoke properly” and described Maureen “to a T”.

In 2017, a carpenter called John Bittrolff was found guilty of killing two sex workers. The prosecutor suggested he may be responsible for at least some of the deaths attributed to the Long Island serial killer.

However, as yet, no one has been charged with any of the…

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