The Trump Administration Must Not Use Pandemic as Excuse to Endanger Refugees

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Over the past two years, the Trump administration has waged unrelenting attacks on people fleeing persecution, introducing a barrage of cruel and illegal border policies that have decimated access to asylum in the United States.

These policies have placed asylum seekers directly in the crosshairs of the COVID-19 pandemic, their health and safety at greater risk than ever.

The Trump administration wants to use this unprecedented moment to double down and gut our asylum system beyond recognition. We cannot allow that to happen. 

Asylum seekers arriving at our southern border already face a patchwork of draconian policies that have limited or completely denied them entry to the U.S. to seek protection here, leaving them vulnerable to myriad dangers.

Last fall, we wrote about the administration’s disastrous Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP)—which force asylum…

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