The U.S. Must Not Abandon Afghanistan

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I call on the Biden administration to revisit the May 2021 withdrawal deadline for not only the safety of Afghans, but the entire world.

“Afghans understand that our young democracy is worth fighting for and we need the support of our friends and allies to stand with us—not to abandon us in this critical time of our history.’ Pictured: Students at the Baktash Secondary School in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. (NATO Training Mission / Flickr)

The second round of negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban commenced in Doha earlier this month. After procedural rules were agreed upon by both sides in December 2020, Afghans are inching closer to resolve the decades-long conflict.

In this pivotal moment as the world watches how Afghanistan transforms, it is crucial to ensure that our efforts are substantive and sustainable rather than aiming to achieve…

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