The Unexpected Eyeliner I Can’t Stop Wearing

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I am a self-proclaimed makeup minimalist—give me a solid BB cream, concealer, powder, and an orange-red lipstick, and I’m good to go. But like many of you, I scroll through Instagram and save experimental beauty looks that make me go ahh, even though I’ll likely never try them myself. All of that changed when I saw this eyeshadow look brought the life by makeup artist and photographer Danessa Myricks. 



I am unsure how her glowy, artistic work showed up on my Instagram feed, but I am forever grateful to whatever piece of the algorithm that is responsible for sharing Danessa’s page with me. As I combed through her photos, I realized she’d developed a line of products that were available for purchase. This was exciting to me for two reasons: I was supporting a woman-owned, black-owned business. Not mention, I was going to have the chance to experiment with color on…

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