These Are the Most Popular Celebrities Parents Name Baby After

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For many parents, figuring out what to name baby is no walk in the park. Expectant parents can often spend hours picking just the right name for their little one—and often that process involves drawing on inspiration.

A recent study conducted by Tickpick, an online ticket marketplace for consumers, analyzed the Social Security Administration’s Baby Name Database to find out just how many parents had named their kids after a pop culture icon. They conducted two surveys, one of 560 people who didn’t yet have children but planned to, and one with 316 people who already had kids and didn’t plan to have anymore.

The study found that 2 in 5 parents had named their kid after a celebrity of a fictional character. Broken down generationally, approximately 41.4 percent of Millennials had named at least one kid after a celebrity or fictional character, as compared with 37.3 percent of…

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