Things Parents Said They’d Never Do Before COVID-19 Hit

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We all had our house rules and personal pet peeves before the COVID-19 crisis hit. Maybe you were a TV-free household, or were strict about snacks, or put the kibosh on super-messy indoor activities. But a lot has changed since then. With stresses and responsibilities mounting like never before, parents are desperate for ways to entertain their kids and give themselves a much-needed break—and a little leniency has been proving to go a long way. We asked The Bump readers to share some things they previously never dreamed they’d allow but are now letting slide. Here’s what they said.

1. Sanction crayons in the bathtub. Suddenly bathtime isn’t just a nightly ritual to get clean—it’s (anytime) playtime that can eat up a solid 20 minutes! We’ve been loving these crayons that easily wash off tub walls.

2. Allow the kids to eat cookies before dinner. Because we could all use a…

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