This Company Is Offering At-Home Tests For COVID-19 Starting Monday

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Thus far, testing for COVID-19 may have seen few and far between. Now, startup Everlywell is working on changing that, and, starting on Monday, the company will be launching at-home tests for COVID-19.

Everlywelll is a digital health company that offers customers access to at-home lab tests across a variety of topics, including food sensitivities, men’s health, women’s health and sexual health. Earlier this month, the company announced a $1 million development incentive to labs who fulfilled requirements set by both Everlywell and the FDA to prioritize the development of a COVID-19 diagnostic test. Thanks to the positive response from these labs, the Everlywell was able to build out a full testing and diagnosis experience for COVID-19 within a matter of days. While they’ll initially offer 30,000 kits, they plan to work with labs to scale and eventually provide testing…

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