This is how money issues can affect your health, according to a survey

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It turns out that money issues can affect your health.

A study has found that having poor credit can be linked to a negative effect on self-worth and physical health.

According to a survey by Credit Sesame, a financial health management platform, poor credit health can lead to poor physical and mental health.

The survey, which was undertaken in the US, found that participants struggled with credit card debt because of everyday expenses like healthcare (32 per cent), travel (29 per cent) and shopping (27 per cent).

Results even claimed that the debt led participants to experience feelings of shame with the money issues said to lead to negative mental health consequences, including stress (82 per cent), shame (40 per cent), tears (25 per cent) and seven per cent of cases even the breaking up of a relationship.

In some cases bad credit even led to the breakdown of a relationship…

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