This Series Lets Kids Cook With Their Favorite Pixar Characters

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If you’ve been spending more time in the kitchen during these quarantine days, you’re not alone. But, now, you can get your little ones to join in on the fun with a little help from Pixar and its YouTube series, “Cooking with Pixar.”

The series makes cooking more engaging and fun for kids by allowing them to cook with some of their favorite characters. Each video features a recipe and animated stars from Pixar films.

Whip up a Pizza Planet pizza with Forky from Toy Story 4 for dinner, a birthday cake with Ian and Barley from Onward on a rainy afternoon, Ratatouille with poached eggs with Remy, or dumplings with Bao himself (the video for which doesn’t use measurements, so try this, for a little help). The best part is the videos are all less than 2 minutes long,…

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