This simple 6-ingredient cake recipe doesn’t use milk, butter or eggs.

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Baking is a great way to pass the time in self-isolation.

The only problem is staple ingredients like eggs and milk can be in short supply at the moment.

Enter the magic cake.

This six-ingredient cake is made without eggs, butter or milk. And it’s ridiculously simple, so even people like me who burned their bagel this morning can make it.

As a bonus, it’s also vegan, dairy-free and egg-free, for anyone with any dietary requirements or allergies.

Watch: How to make bliss balls cake pops. Post continues below. 

The recipe, which was created by Andrea Soranidis aka The Petite Cook, only requires flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, oil, water and sugar. That’s it.

You can also add cocoa powder if you want a chocolate cake.

To make the cake, you need to mix all the wet ingredients in a small bowl or jug. Then sift and mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Next, slowly pour…

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